Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why's your knee puffy?

Charlotte is now in 2nd grade, has been on Humira for 19 months without ANY eye flares.  But unfortunately the Methotrexate has wreaked havoc on her liver & was deleted from her medication cocktail this week.  SED rate was over 500 so game over with the MTX.

While in her checkup with her Pediatric Rheumatologist, he noticed fluid on her right knee.  It did look puffy but I've been out of practice snapping to it seeing "puffiness" on joints.  Its been SOOOOO long.

Knee on left is a little puffier than the right
So there's definitely fluid around the knee but she's not in any pain and its not causing stiffness so we're watching.

We're watching but we're also seeking out additional therapies.  Charlotte is gluten free and very rarely dairy, so an anti-inflammation diet is what we strive to adhere to.  After hearing from a friend that her daughters inflammation went down with the help of oil blends rubbed on the joints, we started that as well, 2x a day on her knee.  Charlotte loves the smell.  She feels very peaceful doing the oils and likes having them rolled on, she says they feel good.

We are also seeing a new doctor this week that another friend recommended.  Dr. Bryan has been working with her son to rid him of inflammation in the ankle.  It's worked.  Its 80% gone & their pediatric rheumatologist is thrilled.  He's 4 yrs old & is currently on Methotrexate and Enbrel.
Dr. Bryan Bassinger has focused on intestinal massage and massaging the foot and legs moving the excess fluid up through the lymphatic system.  As a chiropractor he adjusts the bones as well….not looking for a “popping sound” but movement between the bones freeing them up from the inflammation that locks them in place. They focus on massaging the muscles and tendons around his foot and knee also…areas of his body that are affected because of compensation for the pain. He feels great.  He moves so much better and runs way more frequently.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!
She had a VERY active winter up on the slopes!

We love hearing about these additional therapies to help the body & are willing participants to add them to Charlotte's drug treatment in hopes of helping her body, help itself!

We're excited to head into Charlotte's 2 year marker with Humira and we want to curb this inflammation before it becomes anything "official" because two years on a TNF inhibitor, symptom free, is a big milestone.  Her eyes have been quiet, not a blip.  So keep positives that the knee is not a huge deal, we'll get rid of that swelling & celebrate year two on Humira in September (It'll be a party)!

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