Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hip Hip Humira!

Charlotte has started on Humira, a biologic drug home shot, given every 2 weeks and the eye appointment after the first injection, showed only 3-5 cells in her left eye.

Charlotte in the Columbia Gorge at an apple orchard field trip with first graders (#18 on the fruit loop)
Humira is working!  

Lets be real, its not a fun shot to give or to get.  It stings.  And we are doing a LOT of prep (thanks to the tips from mom's who have been doing this before me) with numbing cream & ice.  The nurse in the pediatric rheumatologists office gave the first shot & the second one was my first time.

Its a lot to inject (she takes the adult dose) so I had Charlotte do some deep breathing and on her exhale I would increase the give of the medicine.  Charlotte said that taking breaths and going slow worked for her & its nice to have her give feedback so she feels she's a part of this process.  She really does understand how important the medicines are and its not a choice.  What she does have control of is giving me advice in how to administer & I appreciate the feedback.
Last weekend at the Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run kick-off party

Her front tooth is finally coming in after being out for 2 years.  It was bucked out & loosened up early in life - it was the first sign of her arthritis.  Routinely climbing into a chair, she slipped when her knee froze and bucked out her tooth.  She held it in for another two years.  But after missing it for two years, the new tooth is coming in & over the weekend I saw "something."  As the tooth came down more each day, I would send her upstairs to brush "harder! And with MORE toothpaste!"  Finally, I had to scratch this "thing" off.  It looked like a piece of popcorn.

Top big tooth. Looks like popcorn.
But it wasnt moving.  The yellow stain is  IN her tooth.  I took a picture, emailed the dentist who said it was the result of injury to the baby tooth.  Darn arthritis.  And not to panic, it can be hidden cosmetically when the entire tooth comes down.  Ugh.  But yay :)  It can be taken care of.

And the best news is that the medicine works! YAY!  And cosmetics can hide the tooth!  So all good things :)
Charlotte turned 7 & got her 1st Humira shot on her 7th birthday! 

This week I am "Living One Day for CARRA" Its a shopping I party with 7 vendors at the house all giving proceeeds to CARRA!  So fun!  With all the treats being gluten free & vegan! (no dairy,  no egg), I'm hoping that we surprise people with how tasty these healthy foods can be!  It will be fun!! 

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