Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lotsa Love

Sending lots of love out every day!  Valentines Day gets extra loves (and lots of hearts & red & pink & giggles).  
And appreciating that Methotrexate (one of Charlotte's drugs that she takes weekly at home via shot) will not be in short supply.  FDA talked the drug companies to RAMP up production of the preservative free version of MTX.  YAY!!!

AND!  Great news today!  The few cells that have been lingering in her left eye for a few months, have left the building!  Without going back on drops, they left on their own!  YAY!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

When the sun shines in the Pacific Northwest, we jump outside before the moment is gone!  Whilst we love the beauty & the greenery that the rain brings to us, we do appreciate a reprieve from the grey skies & drizzle, especially on a February day!

In the Winter, Emma has extra ballet practices for an upcoming performance, on Saturdays in Portland.  So during that hour, I easily talk Ellie into joining me while I run & she rollerblades along the Willamette river.

We are on the Eastside of Portland (the Willamette River divides the Eastside from the Westside) on the 40 mile loop.  Its a beautiful view of  downtown with the Ross Island bridge in the background.