Wednesday, January 4, 2012


2012 will be the 5th year of Charlotte battling arthritis.  Diagnosed in the fall just after her 2nd birthday, we have learned many things in these 5 years & have much more to learn because Arthritis doesn't follow a simple road or the same road for every child.  Arthritis likes to veer off once in awhile, thinking its in control throwing us all off course & causing us to huddle, confer & ask "What would you do? What should we do?  What CAN we do?"
But in this 5th year, here's how we are going to help Charlotte control her arthritis:
1.  Swim.  As often as she can.  At the pool & taking more baths.  Whenever she wants to be in the water, we will oblige because we know it makes her feel good. (does she seem grouchy?  start a bath!)
2.  Practice GF!  We can always do better on keeping the gluten out of her diet which means me being more diligent about menu planning & creating yummy gf treats & snacks.
3. Joint health thru supplements.  Taking her fish oil supplements 2x a day would be a beneficial habit.
4. Eat anti-inflammatory foods.  Again that comes back to the Momma with the menu planning, stop yelling at me already!

Resolutions in the New Year, always learning... May you &your family have a VERY healthy 2012!

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