Wednesday, January 11, 2012

keeping active

2012 on Mt. Hood
The hubby is a snow skier & has made skiers out of the 10 & 9 year old too.  So when Charlotte BEGGED to go up to the mountain with them last year, I thought, "well she is either going to love it or hate it."  And if I were a betting woman, I would have laid down the Benjamin's on HATING IT.

Why?  Because she has arthritis!  And its cold!  And hard work!  And... well she has a little body that has arthritis!!

And I would have lost that money.

Because this girl LOVES downhill skiing!  Begs to go up, is giddy to head to the mountain & is excited for her lessons.  She's now going up on the chair lift & learning to control her swooshing down the mountain.

Amazing.  The fact that she loves downhill SNOW skiing, it just amazes me.  Each & every time I watch her.  Total trooper, total fanatic, and I totally forget that she has arthritis.  Until  the next day when she aches a little.  But then every skier in our house is hurting a little the next day :) :)  So we celebrate normal body aches in Charlotte after a long day of skiing!

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