Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! 
The Wonder
The girls are playing with new toys (painting, building, pretending) & I am pretending Christmas cookies are a full meal (must clean the sprinkles off of the keyboard)!

Charlotte's eye appt before Christmas showed one cell in her left eye but we aren't going to get in a fuss about it.  Her labs showed everything is good with her liver (levels were elevated 6 weeks ago and so we were watching.... labs are taken every 6 weeks with Remicade).

6 year wellness visit showed Charlotte falling a bit off the growth curve (a little too tall for her weight).  I have noticed that she's a pretty lean girl, there's no buffer between those ribs & her back or front.  She's a healthy eater with a good appetite so the Dr. isn't too worried but would like to see her again in a year.  I question if the blame can be pointed to arthritis?  Drugs for arthritis?  Or just who Charlotte is?

Our Christmas eve activity is to decorate cookies for Santa... and we let Charlotte have a few extra!

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