Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jingle Bell Run 2011

Over four thousand runners & walkers participated in the 2011 Portland Jingle Bell Run, fundraising over $142K for research & programs through the Arthritis Foundation.  Amazing!  It was a balmy 32 degrees :) but it wasnt raining so YAY!!!

We had another great turn out for Tottie's Team!!  Thank you Lori, Courtney, Melanie, Patti, Linda, Brad, Jill, Merissa, Emalee, Tate, Carson, Emme, Britany, Janet & my parents!
 And my cousin ran in Franklin, TN!  Her first 5k, I am so proud of her!!!

Ellie & Emma getting ready to run with Emme & Carson
Getting some pre run candy canes from Santa
Friends Tate & Emme at their 1st JBR!
Charlotte just had her check up with her rheumatologist.  She sees him every 6 months because its the eye dr. that Charlotte sees on a regular basis.  Charlotte's joints are quiet, so she sees the rheumatologist as a check in, a talk & a body check.  He said she's super bendy which is great but will invite the likelihood of sprains etc from activity.  Well... cross that bridge.  He didnt like the levels of her liver from her last labs (gets labs done every 6 weeks with her Remicade) so we will watch that with her next infusion (Dec. 23rd).  
Emma sang with Carson & Emme after the run.  

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