Monday, November 21, 2011


Charlotte has been so busy leading kindergartners that I have been remiss in her updates.  And as one would assume, no news is good news.

Charlotte has finally stretched remicade to 6 weeks (2nd time/4times will be before Christmas).  It took a long time just to get to 6 weeks after her hiccup this spring.

But all is going well now.  And here's a day of remicade through Charlotte's eyes.  She has to hang out for 4 hours, so I gave her sisters iTouch while she's sitting with her nurse at the kitchen table.  See her remicade behind her on the big IV stand.  I give her tea to drink, fluids, for her urine test that the nurse takes with her.
She has the sniffles before Thanksgiving, but is in great spirits.  First cold in late November is pretty good for the weakened immune system Kinder at public school!!


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