Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hanging out... but its ok.

Charlotte has been taking topical steroid eye drops since February. Its now July. That's a long time. Lotsa drops.

As of today's eye appt, she's off of the drops. However, today's eye appt showed 1-2 cells in each eye hanging out.
But that's ok.

She could live a lifetime with 1-2 cells just hanging out. Eye dr's dont fret over 1-2 cells. So moving forward with the plan...

She has two more sessions of Remicade at 4 weeks till she moves on to 6 weeks. If these few cells can just hang out & not invite friends & she can move forward with stretching out the remicade, it will be a win.

One day at a time. She's off the drops! Yay :)

And we reminisced with the ophthalmologist who started looking back at Charlotte's chart, "Wow Charlotte, you are going into kindergarten? I have been seeing you for a long time! Since you were two! We have a long history together!" I agreed & said, "Yep, are you ready to come to her graduation, then wedding, then baby shower?!?!" :) She's so great, she said, "oh gladly!!" Family. Dr's become family!

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