Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bad Mom Award

Who knew that a 3 mile scooter ride would be a bad idea? eek.
Too much pressure on one leg. She should have rollerbladed.
It would have equaled out the pressure on both legs.

But she scootered the entire three miles & today she woke up limping.
We are making her take it easy but, guilt, guilt, guilt. I feel awful.
It was a fun time, she enjoyed it. I ran with my friend Laura and her two kids & my girls scootered. We stopped at the 1/2 to get a drink at Starbucks & then turned around & went back. But it was just too much on her little legs.
Then we went swimming & then rock climbing.
It was a sports filled day. Maybe too much. Learning lessons. Feeling bad :(

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