Thursday, July 14, 2011

And then there was 1 drop....

Charlotte has been decreasing her steroid eye drops since the cells are gone & tightening the regime of Remicade medicine has kicked the uveitis cells to the curb!
Now this week she is down to one drop a day. And we start the optimism of looking ahead since her eyes are cell free again (cells popped up when we stretched her Remicade to 10 weeks). She is currently doing 6 sessions of Remicade every 4 weeks to get those eyes back on track (that's once a month for 1/2 a year!) & now she will start to stretch again, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10, 12...
Remicade @ 4weeks:
9.1.11 (she turns 6 on the 24th!)
9.30.11 (she's a kindergartner!!)

Remicade @ 6 weeks:
12.23.11 (Merry Christmas!)

Remicade @ 8 weeks:
8.31.12 (entering 1st grade!!)

Remicade @ 10 weeks:
8.2.13 (entering 2nd grade!!)

4 times at 12 weeks if all is going smooth by this point & then we are done (I haven't mapped that out yet, & probably wont for a few years ;)).
Keeping the Remicade at 200mg's & the Methotrexate at .6 mls each week (shot). Nothing goes very fast :) and we take it one day at a time! Last week we were able to head to the beach, the sun was out but its the Oregon Coast so its brrrrr cold! Writing her name in the sand is her favorite thing!

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