Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update - all is good... starting to get back to our normal

Eyes: No cells as of the last 4 weeks so she is tapering off of the drops. shortening the timframe between remicade infusions did the trick. YAY. we are back to every four weeks (boo!) but... there is light at the end of the tunnel if the eyes stay controlled & she starts back on the road again (wrapping up in 3rd grade is that celebration....but hope to get through kindergarten next year! one day at a time with JRA.).
Throwing up: She started Folic Acid & takes it every day & hasnt thrown up since! She is also on a natural anti-nausea medicine (I have linked it to my Pinterest site - check that out here:

We are now in summer (we think...because in the Pacific Northwest we dont see the sun till after July 4th!) & she's swimming almost every day (which feels SOOO good!). We have many friends headed to the National Arthritis Convention in DC and are excited for them. We will be there in spirit & hope to start going next year to meet friends! Love our support network across the nation, its been sooo helpful to toss things to them & see what thoughts are!

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