Monday, May 2, 2011

Remicade Infusion Days

Jordan is from LA & has JRA & uveitis like Charlotte. Jordan also was diagnosed at age 3 & is now 9 years old. She does Remicade infusions JUST like Charlotte (she is every 6 weeks, while we are back to the beginning of doing it every 4 weeks). Jordan's mom took a video of what Remicade infusion days are like. And Jordan is a CHAMP!!! So brave! I used to have to put Charlotte in a straight jacket, she's much better now, but no where near the grace & bravery of Jordan!! Hopefully watching this will help Charlotte understand other little girls go through this as well, with out the screaming & crying & resisting :) Jordan is awesome, I think you will like seeing this video, its inspired me to try & take some pictures/video of what its like for Tot.... and this will give you a good idea of what infusion days are like.

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