Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something is up....

This week Charlotte had her eye appt & there were 6+ cells in the left eye. She had just had her remicade treatment & methotrexate 5 days prior & is still taking a topical steroid eye drop, so there shouldn't be ANY cells there.
SO! What does that mean? Not sure. But the plan is:
Charlotte had labs done 2 days after her e
ye appt to see if she is creating anti-bodies against the remicade. At any time the body can realize that this medicine is an intruder. In Erika's rudimentary & very visual picture of things: Remicade is a protein cell that communicates to the white blood cells "DIE". Because her own protein cells are not getting that job done (they are having a coffee break, downing a few donuts. They are fired, we hired the REMICADE to step in & take over!).

AND IF SHE IS....???
And if she is rejecting the Remicade then we hop to another "biological" (TNF Inhibitor), aka protein communicator. The other meds in this camp are ones you might have heard of (thanks Phil Mickelson):
a) Enbrel (an at home shot)
b) Humira (an at home shot)

Remicade worked... until it didn't. And I have always had a love/hate thing about it.
Love that it works (or did), didn't like the process of a 1/2 day, being chemo, having a nurse or having to go to the hospital. Its the relying on a whole 'nother team to get it done. Blech. But you grin & bear it cuz it works. And it was. Working.
Remember that plan we had of weaning off of remicade, going every 6 weeks, then every 8 weeks? Then this stumble started on that 10th week and we are having to put it into reverse. So we are back to 4 weeks (May 13th). However if we find out she's creating anti-bodies, I assume we would halt the remicade & start something else ASAP. That's me guessing, we will find out next week.

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