Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drugs are smarter!

According to our Pediatric Rheumatologist:

The test results show that there is no evidence of HACAs and Charlotte had a generous infliximab (Remicade) titer (concentration) when measured, back on 4/26/11 (so that means its in her system? but just wasnt strong enough?). While we were getting blood work, we had her HLA-B27 tested & it was negative.

Currently we are scheduled for Remicade on May 13th (4 weeks). Pediatric Rheumatologist suggests doing 4 weeks for several infusions to see if that gets her back on track (before increasing the dosage). Asking Dr. Foster, the uevitus specialist we see in Cambridge & will see his thoughts.

We also have increased the methotrexate from .4mls to .6mls.

She is currently on Pred Forte drops every two hours with the ointment at night. Would like to wean this, but eye appt is next Wed, May 4th. DISLIKE THE DROPS.

Its good news.... Blech. But it is. I mean I dont want her creating antibodies towards remicade, that wouldnt be good if her body started getting too smart for us. But... I just dont LIKE the remicade process. Blech... get over it Erika :) So this is all good & so now if we go back to every 4 weeks (we did a year at every 4 weeks, back in 2008) & can get it back in control, that would be good.

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