Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bump has turned into Moguls

Charlotte cant seem to get these cells out of her eyes even with topical steroid drops.
She has been on the same amount of medicine (remicade & methotrexate) since she was 2, so she's growing & evidently this amount or the frequency of this amount isn't holding it.
New game plan is:
a) Doing remicade next week (6 weeks instead of waiting for 8)
b) increasing her methotrexate (shot given at home) from .4mls to .6mls
c) see the eye dr in 2 weeks, cells be gone & start tapering drops.

Last time we hit the "bump in the road" I mapped out the remicade and it took Charlotte into 1st grade (2 years from now). I have learned my lesson that I wont be forecasting out past a year....
Dr. used the words "Medical Remission." I didnt even see those words until my hubby pointed them out. I am so fixated on the "plan" - so she WAS in medical remission, but not anymore. Gotta get back to that point.

But the future has many drugs still in the game plan.... for quite awhile... BLECH.

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Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Praying & pulling for the next remission. ox