Friday, April 8, 2011

And now for those legs...

Since the arthritis started in Charlotte's knee, the body's natural reaction is to rush a lot of blood to the "injured" area. White blood cells come in to save the day, but in Charlotte's case, they just crammed up in a space that had no room for them. We took care of that by putting Charlotte under, draining all those white blood cells & then giving the joint a shot of coritsone to resume movement.
That was 3 years ago. And now its caught up to her & there is some length discrepancy in Charlotte's legs. The leg (knee) that was 1st diagnosed, was diagnosed a little too late (once there is swelling & lack of movement, that's when there is some damage done), and most of active arthritis was in that one leg.

Our Pediatric Rheumatologist said that the body usually evens itself out over time. That we should keep an eye out if Charlotte doesnt extend her legs when standing still. 5 year olds stand still? Who? Where? (smile!)

I am regular patient of my favorite Chiropractor. I know that sometimes my body can get out of whack from exercising and my body will compensate until finally I feel that...Oh right there! UGH!
And I just wondered if possibly Charlotte's body could be doing that as well? You know, compensating for one leg being slightly longer than the other one? And maybe she doesnt know it, and what would she know about pain? That girls pain threshold is higher than many!! I could see her not noticing... and maybe its nothing.

But that's what we will go check out. I am taking Charlotte to a physical therapist on Monday morning. These folks see other children with arthritis, so they are knowledgable about the disease & what to look for in Charlotte. This may be or may not be something, but I thought we would just check it out because if there is one thing that I like, its trying to be ahead of this disease rather than reacting to it. Whatever we can control is a good thing.

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Cathy said...

anxious to hear what the physical thera. says about her legs. Such cute photos of cute Tottie!