Monday, April 11, 2011

1 cm

1 cm of difference in length between Charlotte's left leg to right leg.

Watching a physical therapist at work is fascinating! What an educational experience to watch her work: Having Charlotte play games but it was all intentional, looking for things that are wrong. There is no active inflammation so this 1cm should be the extent of it, and hopefully over time the other leg will catch up. I didnt tell the therapist about arthritis going to Charlotte's ankle & a wrist and she was amazed at her ankle flexibility. Saying that to continue having flexible ankles, one must have strong legs, so we need to encourage some tip toe walking, jump roping & running! (sounds like some cross fit fun!)
And it was good to know that the 1 cm in difference only has affected one area: the right hip flexor (the right leg is the longer leg) is very tight. Very, very tight.

And Charlotte has been favoring it. She has never sat criss-cross applesauce at school (its too painful on that hip). Who knew, I thought the knee had the damage & that's why, but its the hip that's too tight, it can't stretch down in that position. Talking with her swim teacher, she said her kicks aren't normal, and its probably because of the tightness in the hip for that range of motion.
And now... we sprint into action:

a) We put a lift in her shoe today. And will transfer it from shoe to shoe.

b) Also, we are going to do some stretching exercises for that right hip. Sisters joined in the floor fun tonight!

c) We are to try & redirect her side sitting into 1) Modified cross leg (cross ankles & have legs almost straight), 2) modified straight leg & 3) use small pillow under her bum to make it more comfortable.

d) She will keep up the swimming. And I would actually like to add more (maybe therapy swim).

e) I would love to find some therapy yoga for her as well.

We will revisit therapy at the end of the summer, see how Charlotte is doing with her hip after swimming all summer!


Dawn said...

Wow... I hadn't thought about the hip being tight. This sounds like a great (and fun!) plan for Tots.

(Love that picture of her on the beach!)

Jenny Tan said...

I have the same problem!! Found that out from my physical therapist few years back. I cannot stay at one position for a long period of time, or my back will hurt like crazy afterward. Someone told me before you could also go to a shoe repair store and have them build up the shoes. You could also use a folded hand/kitchen/bath towels,depending on how thick/thin you need, to raise her bum, cos' sometimes even small pillows are too thick and after awhile, not even.
Because of the difference in length, try to observe if she tends to put her weight on the longer leg while standing up. That is one thing my therapist told me to pay attention to, so I could correct myself and not make the longer leg suffer! :) Hope her left leg will catch up.