Friday, March 18, 2011

Party is over, didn't you get the notice?

One blasted cell is hanging out. Which is NUTS!

Charlotte, two weeks ago had the approx 6 cells. She immediately started on steroid eye drops every two hours, and two days later she had her remicade treatment + methotrexate. So two weeks later you would have thought business had been taken care of - Party OVER! GETS. OUT!

But we got one lingerer.... which is nothing to write home about, you can live a lifetime with one lingering. Heck you can live a lifetime with 5 lingering.

HOWEVER.... as the momma, i just dont like that there's one lingering at all only because she pretty medicated right now to do the business, why is one still sticking around?

On the upside, she's seeing 20/20, so it's good, no damage.

Now she's still doing her steroid eye drops every 3 hours for the next two weeks. So we will still walk around with a timer & her preschool teacher Ms. Erin is the BEST, setting her timer & then giving us a sticky note as to when they were given. We also have a rockin' babysitter who's been giving them as well. So Charlotte has plenty of angels around her, very thankful!!

Charlotte is an eye drop champ. I have even been on the treadmill, Charlotte will hear the timer, bring the timer & the drops to the treadmill, where I hop off, give a drop, set the alarm, give it back to her & hop back on my run. :)

Hoping in 4 weeks, when we head back to the ophthalmologist, there are zERo cells! In two weeks we do drops every 4 hours.... and so it goes....


Deetipton said...

We don't have the Uveitis or Iritis to deal with. We have plenty of other Itis's to deal with though, & I totally understand the frustration of a flare. I truly hope that the drops help your little one & it's all that she needs. My prayers are with you!

P.S.- Are you on our Juvenile Arthritis Friends Facebook page? If not, friend me on FB & I'll have an invite shot to you. If you are there, my apologies as I haven't had nearly as much time as I need to keep up! (And my memory is horrid..)

Amy Cunningham said...

I totally feel your frustration! We went through this for a year with Jenna. Yes, while that ONE is "no big deal" it is still SO maddening!
Danielle, silly Momma, Erika is in our group. She's one of our West coasters :p