Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Day At The Office

Just a littttttttle excited for some sun to show its face here in the Pacific NW. Charlotte, who was working on the computer, tried to show her love of all things Malibu (next up she needs the short shorts, rainbow socks & old school skates!).
Charlotte is still doing eye drops every 3 hours &
tomorrow she jumps down to one drop every 4 hours.
She sees the eye dr. next week. Remicade is on WEDDING DAY!!! April 29th, Charlotte will get remicade & watch Prince William & Catherine Middleton exchange vows. The other girls might mysteriously feel sick that day too, cough cough... its a monumental occasion not to be missed! Lucky Charlotte (wink).


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

She is TOO cute in that get up. (Now I sound like my Grandma.) All hail the nice weather ahead.

(And we are all about watching that wedding too. Well, we girls anyway.)

Christina said...

Will we ever get good enough weather for bathing suits this year? That's the real question! As for the "wedding day", I like your style... these days, any old excuse to keep my kids home from school will do. :)We call them Bonazelli family mental health days. :) There have been several this year.