Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Activity

Charlotte has started back up with her swimming (after taking the fall off to focus on routines of home & school balance). Here she is with her sweet teacher/neighbor/our friend, Kim (90 degree water is soooo nice!).
Charlotte feels SOOOOO good in the water, and it makes sense with her knees, ankle & wrist that were all affected by arthritis at age 2.
Her eye appointment today proved that the cell in the right eye is gone. But he just jumped eyes. Now the left eye has one cell. There will be no change in medication, there is no concern for one cell. But its bewildering since she is healthy right now, so why does she have a lingerer? In talking with my BFF arthritis mom's, we said, "Cant we go to appointments without the fear? Ever? When?"

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Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I was wondering about that rotten cell. How weird. I'm sorry both eyes weren't clear this time.

Maybe with spring, it'll disappear, along with the rain? I'm all for it.

(I love seeing Charlotte in the pool. She's such a merbabe.)