Friday, January 28, 2011

Fab Friday Find: Minimooh Dresses

Yes, another dress post! There are more fab Friday finds to be shared but its almost Valentine's Day, so I have been on the hunt for dresses for the cherubs!

Its made by minimooh in NY & is so cute, so well made, and just fun! Its one of Charlotte's favorites (she could wear short sleeves in the snow, she starts to hyperventilate if you show her a sweater!). We paired it with black tights & her black knee high patent boots. Dash of color in the headband with a black rose! :)

Love minimooh! Thank you!!!


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for taking and sharing this picture! I'm so happy that she likes it!

And thank you for your openness and willingness to share about your family. It is very encouraging :)

All the best!

Jen from minimooh

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Too stinking cute. Would it be wrong to force my daughter to wear this to middle school?

I miss those little girl days sometimes.