Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrate: My mom's 65th birthday!

Happy 65th Birthday to my mom!

Its my mom’s birthday - we call her Marmee. We named her that when our first baby was born because she’s too extraordinary for a generic grandparent name. So we named her after the matriarch of “Little Women” (since she's been a city librarian & an elementary librarian before full-time grandparenthood). Today is Marmee’s birthday & here’s a few reasons of why she’s so extraordinary!

1. She never called me by my name.

She always called me Lizzy Lou (My middle name is Elizabeth).

2. She taught me that thank you notes always come a week after receiving.

I am not sure she consulted Peggy Post on this but she taught the act of appreciating those who were thinking of us, handing over stationary & encouraging the flow of thoughtful words! Secretly, she was training a writer...

3. She never let me date a senior when I was a freshman.

I didn’t get it at the time. But I also didn’t really throw a fit about it.

Now, I get it!

4. She never judged me for my homebody ways.

I had a hard time at sleep overs. She kept letting me try.

It never was successful. She understood & comforted me. Never made me feel bad about it & helped me to know it was ok.

And then when I was ready (junior high), she let me go.

5. She let me sleep with my brand new shoes.

I cant believe she didn’t call for some psychiatric evaluation after having her elementary child ask, “Can I sleep with my new shoes?” just so I could sniff that new leather!

My mom didn’t have a lot growing up, so I think she appreciated my LOVE of a “thing.” Cuz that love only grew and...

It’s a bummer that our mutual size was but a quick blink in the 5th grade and then I surpassed her by 2 1/2 sizes....

6. She taught me harmony.

When we would sing happy birthday to a family member, she took the high harmony and would lean her head in like we were a barber shop quartet.

7. She’s a teeny toothpick.

She let me show off my strength by letting me pick her up and carry her around the house. Or did she just enjoy playing Cleopatra?

8. She thinks I’m funny.

She encourages me, she always laughs when no one else does. Its probably not funny, ya ok, its not. But for a moment she laughs like I am Gilda Radner!

9. She does crafts.

My mom is very artistic, but she’s not “crafty”. She knits & sews and is artsy, but... gluing this to that with instructions isn’t her forte but she still does it each year. Why? Because I print out the instructions & give them to her when she spends time with the girls. And she does them & they turn out cute!!! The turkey place cards & the turkey T-shirts were super cute!! But I will start to cut her some slack from here on out...

10. I appreciate that every year that I complained about my birthday being on New Year’s Day, she offered (every year) for me to change my birthday to whenever I would like to celebrate it.

I never took her up on it, but the offer was always there....

Thank you, Mom, for successfully frightening away every boy I ever dated, using walks as talk time & saving the milkshakes for the major talks! (smile) Thank you for being there for each girls birth & that transitional 1st week, always waking up with me during feedings & handling some of the messiest jobs. Thank you for giving each girl their first bath (because I thought they were too fragile). Thank you for doing the twice a year major change of closet season changes with me (all day affairs) but most of all, thank you most of all for being our biggest cheerleader!!

Happy Birthday & may this be a wonderful 65th year!

Love you, Lizzy Lou


Jacob's Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!! She sounds like an amazing mom! That would be why her daughter is just as amazing! Beautiful post Erika!

Dawn said...

Beautiful, my friend. You capture your sweet mother beautifully. I can't imagine a more special gift than this post. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Harris!

Your children say "Marmee" with such love and respect. I see why...