Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Safe Tables Our Priority

Charlotte is on the wall "foodborne illness victims" & I am grateful to see: "SURVIVOR."

Check her out at:

Safe Tables Our Priority (STOP) is a national, nonprofit, public health organization dedicated to preventing illness and death from foodborne pathogens.

S.T.O.P. advocates changes in public policy, educates & provides victim assistance, and formalizes a victims of foodborne illness registry in order to study the long-term consequences of foodborne disease (yes Charlotte is a part of this... and that's why we are working NOW to strengthen her digestive track & her kidneys - because its the term "long term consequences" that really freaks me out).

If you would like to sign up to receive email breaking news about food recalls, sign up here: http://www.safetables.org/about/root_joinus.cfm

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mobility. Never taken for granted.

There was a time where these little toes didn't want to touch the ground, she wanted to be carried everywhere.....
Then her diagnosis came, injections, steroids & now arthritis meds have kept her healthy & happy!
It's recital season & we love to watch her dance!
But she's still Charlotte.... Sassy, silly, tough girl...
... who got too much attention in the early years with the arthritis, so now she likes to blend into the crowd. Sorry sister... I gotta take pictures, otherwise I am full of thankful tears!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goodbye 3rd Grade

What a fantastic year for Emma. She wants her 3rd grade teacher to move up to 4th grade, and her teacher has requested that she stay in 3rd grade. Its a mutual love... and its been a wonderful growing year for Emma in such a supportive, fun & diverse class. 3rd grade will go in the history books as a GREAT year!

Emma introduced the next song to be sung by 3rd graders to the parents in the audience:
We learned that the word "but" means the opposite of what you want to say.... instead say AND :) That said, this is a gorgeous poem of peace... I couldnt agree with her more that peace is like ocean waves....
Her Native American studies were her FAVORITE! Here she learned how to weave...
And her story pictograph entertained her & she ended up doodling more of these...
Her "Native American Dwelling" of the NW Coast (longhouse). A project she did w/ her Dad (I was booted from the garage, rightfully so when I started spurting out "sized to scale" and the such...)!
In this one short school year of 3rd grade, Emma has:
1. grown a teensy bit taller
2. thinned out (according to the pediatrician)
3. learned to love running (she wrote a couple of stories about it)
4. has grown her love of writing (attended Young Authors Conference)
5. sent her first fan letter (to author & UC Berkeley professor Michael Pollan)
6. had her 1st sleepover, then her 2nd
7. skied like an Olympian & practiced ballet like a graceful bird
8. learned about food & how it makes her feel (changed her diet to be non-dairy & egg free)
9. took a daddy/daughter trip to San Fran & now is the biggest Giants fan in the house

3rd grade was a pretty calm ride compared to these picts! This summer we are looking forward to Emma climbing trees, playing with her sisters, reading lots (given), staying sun protected, swimming like a fish, eating fresh fruit (now that she loves it ALL!) & corresponding w/ friends!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wrapping up 1st grade

Ellie, our cheerleader, is wrapping up 1st grade. Her enthusiasm for school & learning continues to grow & she loved 1st grade!
They had a family unit where they created houses & neighborhoods with their classmates (divided into families) & learned how to deal with one family moving, another moving in. They also learned not all families are created the same, a beautiful lesson on love & tolerance!
She created a powerpoint presentation on HER! And a 2nd one about bears....
They had a farming/science unit, learning about plants & grasses. This was Ellie's FAVORITE! But ask her about "botany" & she will look @ you confused :)
Farmer Ellie in her OSU overalls!
Her year started with shoulder length hair & has grown several inches. Her mouth was empty & continued to empty of more teeth & new ones have grown in. Her height is catching up to her sister! She can do 10 pullups & ran 2-5k races this year plus a triathlon. After school she swam 2x a week & then switched to tap dancing & is getting ready for her recital.

Ellie is a supportive younger sister to Emma who does everything new & a supportive big sister to Charlotte! She became the #1 hugger during shot time, Charlotte couldn't do her arthritis medications without Ellie (that's the cheerleader in her!!). What a fun 1st grader we have had!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy Beaver @ Preschool

Last day of preschool 4's class!
Our Busy Beaver....
I love the humor, but I really love how Charlotte snuggles into Mrs. Reive. There's a lot of love for Mrs. Reive & Miss Erin....That's when I got teary eyed!
Goodbye school! Schools out for SUMMAH!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Great Triathlon for Kids!

Mr. Hayhurst is one phenomenal PE teacher. And his staff is the kindest around!
We sure enjoyed the 9th annual Hayhurst Triathlon for kids on Memorial Day weekend in Beaverton, OR! The weather held & we enjoyed swimming, biking & running with friends! This is one of the most fun, low-key, supportive events we do as a family & we so enjoy it!!
Emma & Emma went swimming together! The swimming portion was a little different this year, usually kids have sharpie'd on their hands what heat & what lane - this year was a free for all. The pro was that the girls got to swim together, at the same time. Which alleviated some anxiety.

Ellie held onto the rope in the deep parts & swam with her friend Kylie! Our sweet neighbor tried to swim with Charlotte but four feet down the lane, Charlotte was done & crawled out.

Then it was off to the bikes:
Emma, Ellie, Me, Ellie, Emma & Charlotte (yes you read the names correct!)
Go Emma! (above) & Go Ellie! (below)
And last event was the run! I forgot it was 2 times around the track (I wish someone was there to remind us!). Once was enough for Tottie! The girls ran ahead of us, this was Charlotte's 1st run in!
So much fun! And the entry fee went to FRIENDS OF CARRA! So it was great to see our JRA families & the families of Mr. Hayhurst's school and OUR FRIENDS representing!
Thank you ALL!
Fantastic Job Mr. Hayhurst! Cant wait for the 10th Annual event!!