Saturday, December 4, 2010

JIngle Bell Run 2010

Thank you to Tottie's Team representing at the Portland Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell run on Sunday, December 5th.

Thank you to the veteran's who mark this their 4th year running or walking (My parents + sweet friends Lori & Courtney!)!

Thank you to those who made it their first year last year & are back for more! (O'Neill & Leask families, PHE Staff & families: Jill & Patti & Stephanie!)

And to the newbies - THANK YOU! We hope this will become your holiday tradition every year! Jingling all the way & celebrating mobility, health & the Holiday Spirit!

And for those of you reading in the Portland area ... Have I intrigued you? Would you like passes to the Nike Employee Store? Those are hard to come by & our Arthritis Foundation chapter rocks at enticing you to join us :) Let me know! I will ping you in July to sign up!

Thank you Tottie's Team! Have a GREAT race! Its not raining & its not snowing, this is a REALLY good year! Thank you so much!!

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Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Have fun today! jingle jingle jingle