Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Charlotte's body is quiet with her arthritis, medically controlled. All is good for her, so as we are watching her grow up & her abilities lengthen, its easy for us to forget about the arthritis.
Case in point: Ellie's "Great Skate" birthday party. It was my mom, (Marmee) who was watching her whiz around the rink & asked, "That's a girl with arthritis?"
Three years ago we watched her limping & begging to be held, wondering what she would be able to do in the future.
Her joints affected: both knees, an ankle and a wrist. But they are all working in harmony, flexibility & quietly today! (thank you injections, weekly shot of MTX & infliximab Remicade)
We got Charlotte roller blades last year to help with her skiing. Yes skiing! I thought, "no way, it's too cold, I wonder if it will cause her pain, I am sure she won't last a minute up there."
She's the one that will tell you she's happy for the rain at our house because that means its snowing on the mountain!

Arthritis hasn't stopped her and the constant moving is good for her joints. This winter we will get her back into the swimming pool, which is one of her favorites and I do believe the kindest to her body.
Grateful for the moving!


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Charlotte's my hero. :)

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And by Karate Frog, I mean, Lisa Milton posing as Zack. Oy.