Saturday, October 23, 2010

At this juncture...

At this point in Charlotte's treatment, Dr. Foster (eye specialist in Cambridge) asked us to email him, and remind him of the treatment.
Below is my email & his response:
Hello from the Pacific Northwest!

It was great to see you in April & put together a game plan for Charlotte's weaning from her medications. During our visit, you requested we email you at this time in our medications to double check with the movement of the weaning.
Since you last saw her, Charlotte remains flare free (eyes & joints) & healthy.
Charlotte - DOB
Age 5
Current Medications:
1. Methotrexate .5 mls
2. Remicade (started at every 4 weeks for one year, 5 weeks (4 sessions), 6 weeks (4 sessions).

In April, the following plan was created:
1a. stretch Remicade to every 8 weeks (4 sessions)
1b. Then lower her Methotrexate dose by .10 mls (.4mls) - moving forward it will now be .4 mls

2a. stretch Remicade to every 10 weeks (4 sessions) (takes us into July 21, 2011)
2b. THEN lower her Methotrexate dose by .10 mls (.3 mls)

3a. stretch Remicade to every 12 weeks (4 sessions)
3b. .3 mls of mtx - then we will be done....

June 21, 2012 (last remicade session at 12 weeks)

We are @ the end of 1b. and wanted to check in with you like we planned to move forward.
Thank you Dr. Foster!

Thank you.

Yes, I still like the plan. Stay on it.

Best Wishes,

Stephen Foster

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Amy Cunningham said...

He is such an odd little man :p So happy to hear that Charlotte is doing so well!!!!!