Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eat More Cake!

Happy 5th Birthday to our Charlotte Ann (aka Tottie)!
Pictures of Charlotte from her past 4 birthdays!

Making the fun:

- Friends: Cody, Gracie, Mia, Ryan, Amelia, Sydney, Olivia, Kylie, Josie, Kaylee Emma 2 & Ellie 2 (Camas/Vancouver, WA & Beaverton, OR)

- Invite, Banner & Logos: AndersRuff (Etsy)

- Mailing Stamps: PictureItPostage

- Custom Tissue Poms: PomLove (Portland, OR/ Etsy)

- Cake & mini-cupcakes: Truly Scrumptious (Camas, WA)

- Custom Birthday Shirt: Green Apple Boutique (Etsy)

- Crayon Party Favors: Red Elm Designs, N.Dakota (Etsy)

- Furniture Rentals: The Party Place (Portland, OR)

- Bounce House Rental: Parkrose Hardware (Vancouver, WA)


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Every bit of it was perfect, Erika.


Lori said...

I agree - very awesome! I bet you are tired today!! :)

Barbara said...

Fantastic!!!!! Now the question is when are you starting your party planning biz???? Seriously so stink'n cute!!!!! I love all the little details.

paula said...

how sweet is all this. Happy Birthday to her!

Jenny Tan said...

I want a birthday like that too!!! ;P Wayyy too cute!!! You're one GREAT MOM! Happy Belated Birthday Charlotte!! :)