Sunday, August 22, 2010

All went well! You gotta see BABIES!

2 down, 2 to go for every 8 weeks for Remicade for Charlotte! This is her treatment plan for her arthritis, Remicade is a TNF (protein) inhibitor (they are the messengers to the white blood cells, so they are killed, therefore no more white blood cells are created - she has too many right now with arthritis, the immune system is on overload.). Remicade is an IV drip that takes about 3 hours. She's been doing it for 2 years and now we are on the weening process & have completed round 2 out of 4 / of every 8 weeks. Then we will do four sessions every 10, then every 12.

It went well, better than the last time in the nurse's point of view & that's always important. Charlotte still resists when its time for the poke & we literally have to yank her arm down & hold it while restraining the rest of her body. It would be insane if you saw it for the first time :) And while she freaks out the veins shut down. Literally. We have to continue to remind her to stay calm because even if the needle gets into the vein, the vein is on freakout mode & shuts down... we cant stand that because then we have to poke again if we cant get it to flush & start flowing....

She calmed down after awhile... the 1st poke worked finally after the relaxation. And we got going.

You know what calmed her down? Babies. The documentary. Have you seen this? So stinkin' cute we watched it twice! But it gave her something to focus on that wasn't loud or crazy, it was calming & interesting.

It's on demand right now. We loved it! I highly recommend!!!

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Lesli said...

Yeah for Charlotte, glad the weaning process is going well so far! Can they try numbing her before the poke, maybe that would help...Can't wait to show Ayla the baby video, she loves anything and everything baby...I will let her watch it while we give her her injections.. great Thanks Erica!