Thursday, July 15, 2010

Perks? Support!

Contacting the Arthritis Foundation chapter near us was a great way to get immediate support when Charlotte was first diagnosed with JRA. They offered meetings, education & opportunities to get together with other families going through similar situations.

There are also opportunities to do fun things with other JRA families. This Friday, through the Pacific Northwest chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, we are going to see an airshow at McChord Airforce Field.

We will witness many acts including the Patriot Jet Team, a MiG Fury mock dog fight (Yes, I am now saying MiG & reenacting the scene where Goose & Maverick explain how they saw it... the bird... You remember?!?!), F/A-18 demo flight & other aerial demonstrations.

It will be an amazing time & a great opportunity. The Arthritis Foundation holds many wonderful events to support families and we are thankful for the opportunities!

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