Friday, July 30, 2010

Eyes are clear!

Since heading to Boston over Spring Break to see the Uveitis specialist (Dr. Stephen Foster) & configuring the new "in home" medical treatments for Charlotte, I had been remiss in prempting her Remicade infusions with her eye appt with Dr. Goodman. When I 'fessed up, she nodded with a "yes come in now, dont wait..." And I appreciated that! And then I followed up with booking them out so I wouldnt space on that again!

Dr. Goodman is located in Lake Oswego, OR. That's a good 30+ miles south of us. She usually comes to our town once a month & we can get in to see her, but since we needed to get in because of "mommy's been slacking on your appointments", we packed up & headed south.

ALL is good. Her eyes are clear. And when I shared that Dr. Foster said that at some point we would need to start doing her pressures, Dr. Goodman tested right then.
Eye appointments for Uveitis check:
1) Vision tests

2) Cover tests (checking how the eyes work together)

3) Slit lamp test which examines the front of the eye (iris) & then the optic nerve (the inside of the eye). The slit lamp exam is the only way to pick up on uveitis (arthritis in the eye). I have been told it looks like fireflies flitting around in the eye (the white blood cells in the iris portion of the eye).

4) Then because being on steroids for uveitis can cause glaucoma or scarring in the eye, it is necessary to take "pressures". This is done with a tool that touches the surface of the eye to measure the amount of liquid in the eye. If there were scarring or glaucoma, the fluid wouldnt drain properly, therefore accumulating fluid. But in a healthy eye (like Charlotte's ... NOW :)) there is no scarring (YAY!!! I give a big thumbs up to our fast action of getting on the meds & getting off of steroids as fast as possible - 6 months... and that was fast, really!) the eye ball is draining properly because of zero scarring & so pressures are good. Hip, hip, HOORAY!

Charlotte has her eye exam before every Remicade treatment (every 8 weeks) to make sure that the remicade + methotrexate are holding the arthritis at bay before the next treatment. Even taking pressures, she's come a long way baby - she's a pro!!

Dr. Goodman was in agreement with Dr. Foster about the conservative weening for the meds (another 2 years) because of Charlotte's early onset, the aggressiveness of the disease, etc. Charlotte was one of Dr. Goodman's tricky patients, but she said "every child is different" for how you attack this disease & the roadmap to get rid of it.

All is good today :)

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Amy Cunningham said...

Such great news on your end too!!! I love reading this stuff :) Jenna has become a pro with pressures now too. The techs or whatever they're called are always amazed that a child so young can do it so well. AWESOME!