Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arthritis...Continuing to claim children

In one week, I have learned of 3 new families around our community who's sweeties have acquired arthritis. At first my heart sinks, knowing the confusion & the sadness these parents are going through. I have been there. And then I get a little angry. Because even if I dont know you, I hate that you are going through what we went through at the beginning. The sadness, confusion, lack of control & the thirst for knowledge & stories of others. Then my anger gets quickly turned into productivity... because I cant stand the disease but I also have to have "some" control & that is the ability to help those who are helping find a cure!

CARRA - Pediatric Rheumatologists working together to find a cause & a cure. Every dollar given goes straight to research. My Tottie's Pretties headbands goes to this organization.
If you live around me, I will be sending you an email about walking & running in the Race for CARRA, happening September.

Arthritis Foundation - December 5th will be the Jingle Bell Run. Our favorite way to start the holiday season. Join Tottie's Team!
Tonight is shot night. Some of these new families will start to understand the ritual of this night. Ours has evolved over the last 2 years. Here's our current ritual: Daddy gives the shot (change from me!) & he uses the numbing cream (she wanted it after watching our friend Ellie use it for her shot). And she has to have Ellie there to give her a hug while she gets the shot.
She holds on to Ellie TIGHT & Ellie loves to be the hugger. "Who loves you!? See? That wasn't a big deal, it didn't even hurt!" (Ellie is 7!) And then Daddy gives Charlotte a hot wheels car as a reward for holding still (she loves her cars!!).


Amy Cunningham said...

Hey there stranger!! Miss you on Facebook. Darn hackers. Anyhow, these pictures just BROKE my heart. In our family Mommy is the holder and Daddy is the poker. I keep my eyes closed the whole time. So I don't even know what this process looks like! I still feel like such a newbie 2 yrs after diagnosis. I still have so much anger over the whole thing ya know? I hate that our babies have to go through this.

Jacob's Mom said...

Love that hot wheels cars are the reward!Charlotte is getting so big!