Monday, June 7, 2010

Wrapping up 1st grade

Ellie, our cheerleader, is wrapping up 1st grade. Her enthusiasm for school & learning continues to grow & she loved 1st grade!
They had a family unit where they created houses & neighborhoods with their classmates (divided into families) & learned how to deal with one family moving, another moving in. They also learned not all families are created the same, a beautiful lesson on love & tolerance!
She created a powerpoint presentation on HER! And a 2nd one about bears....
They had a farming/science unit, learning about plants & grasses. This was Ellie's FAVORITE! But ask her about "botany" & she will look @ you confused :)
Farmer Ellie in her OSU overalls!
Her year started with shoulder length hair & has grown several inches. Her mouth was empty & continued to empty of more teeth & new ones have grown in. Her height is catching up to her sister! She can do 10 pullups & ran 2-5k races this year plus a triathlon. After school she swam 2x a week & then switched to tap dancing & is getting ready for her recital.

Ellie is a supportive younger sister to Emma who does everything new & a supportive big sister to Charlotte! She became the #1 hugger during shot time, Charlotte couldn't do her arthritis medications without Ellie (that's the cheerleader in her!!). What a fun 1st grader we have had!!!

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Seizing My Day said...

Thanks for the visit today Erkia! The Big USA & Canada Map's were enlarged by using a projector at a school... my son is home schooled by attends classes at a Public School for home schooled families. I love the program! and his teachers are fantastic ... one teacher who knew about our project heard me say I was going to print each state and build the USA (haha) so she encouraged me to do it w/ her projector instead ~ WAY easier!! ha ha! =)

nice to meet you ~ I will be back!