Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Great Triathlon for Kids!

Mr. Hayhurst is one phenomenal PE teacher. And his staff is the kindest around!
We sure enjoyed the 9th annual Hayhurst Triathlon for kids on Memorial Day weekend in Beaverton, OR! The weather held & we enjoyed swimming, biking & running with friends! This is one of the most fun, low-key, supportive events we do as a family & we so enjoy it!!
Emma & Emma went swimming together! The swimming portion was a little different this year, usually kids have sharpie'd on their hands what heat & what lane - this year was a free for all. The pro was that the girls got to swim together, at the same time. Which alleviated some anxiety.

Ellie held onto the rope in the deep parts & swam with her friend Kylie! Our sweet neighbor tried to swim with Charlotte but four feet down the lane, Charlotte was done & crawled out.

Then it was off to the bikes:
Emma, Ellie, Me, Ellie, Emma & Charlotte (yes you read the names correct!)
Go Emma! (above) & Go Ellie! (below)
And last event was the run! I forgot it was 2 times around the track (I wish someone was there to remind us!). Once was enough for Tottie! The girls ran ahead of us, this was Charlotte's 1st run in!
So much fun! And the entry fee went to FRIENDS OF CARRA! So it was great to see our JRA families & the families of Mr. Hayhurst's school and OUR FRIENDS representing!
Thank you ALL!
Fantastic Job Mr. Hayhurst! Cant wait for the 10th Annual event!!

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Dawn said...

AWESOME post... And you, my friend, were representing on that Cruiser! So much fun and so inspiring... Every year, it brings me to tears.