Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goodbye 3rd Grade

What a fantastic year for Emma. She wants her 3rd grade teacher to move up to 4th grade, and her teacher has requested that she stay in 3rd grade. Its a mutual love... and its been a wonderful growing year for Emma in such a supportive, fun & diverse class. 3rd grade will go in the history books as a GREAT year!

Emma introduced the next song to be sung by 3rd graders to the parents in the audience:
We learned that the word "but" means the opposite of what you want to say.... instead say AND :) That said, this is a gorgeous poem of peace... I couldnt agree with her more that peace is like ocean waves....
Her Native American studies were her FAVORITE! Here she learned how to weave...
And her story pictograph entertained her & she ended up doodling more of these...
Her "Native American Dwelling" of the NW Coast (longhouse). A project she did w/ her Dad (I was booted from the garage, rightfully so when I started spurting out "sized to scale" and the such...)!
In this one short school year of 3rd grade, Emma has:
1. grown a teensy bit taller
2. thinned out (according to the pediatrician)
3. learned to love running (she wrote a couple of stories about it)
4. has grown her love of writing (attended Young Authors Conference)
5. sent her first fan letter (to author & UC Berkeley professor Michael Pollan)
6. had her 1st sleepover, then her 2nd
7. skied like an Olympian & practiced ballet like a graceful bird
8. learned about food & how it makes her feel (changed her diet to be non-dairy & egg free)
9. took a daddy/daughter trip to San Fran & now is the biggest Giants fan in the house

3rd grade was a pretty calm ride compared to these picts! This summer we are looking forward to Emma climbing trees, playing with her sisters, reading lots (given), staying sun protected, swimming like a fish, eating fresh fruit (now that she loves it ALL!) & corresponding w/ friends!

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