Friday, May 21, 2010

Treatment at home?

Since this post, we have talked w/ our Pediatric Rheumatologist & he's comfortable w/ Charlotte getting her remicade treatments at home. The pro's outweighed the only con we had: the what if she has a reaction (which she hasnt in 2 years being on it). So we are giving it a go....

Our insurance (CIGNA) is transitioning their Remicade patients over to having remicade infusions done @ home.

They called today asking if we would be ok with that?

"i realize she's 4, but if its ok with the dr, we wanted to ask you."

why? its less expensive for Cigna because they have exclusive contracts w/ infusion companies.
They would find a pediatric nurse, see if its doable according to where we live (so not a done deal - would only investigate possibilities if we say its ok).

She said she contacted our Dr. & got his ok for Charlotte to receive Remicade @ home.

I asked them if they have any other pediatric patients under the cigna umbrella doing this at home. She said she had that question out & has not heard of any.

I said that off the top of my head my only concern would be a reaction to the Remicade but seeing that she's been on it for 2 years & hasnt had a reaction, the liklihood of that happening is low. So I cant think of any other con's, except "who is this person in my house..." :)

hmmmm...... thoughts?

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Jeanna said...

We have Cigna but are just started on this road with JRA so we haven't used Remicade.

My first thought is to call Dan and discuss it with them and see what they think.

All these changes with insurance has my mind reeling.