Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrating Friends conquering JRA

Our sweet friend Addison has been off of Methotrexate since April 1st. Its no April fools joke that she's doing great & it was time to see if her body was learning to retrain itself.


Its a GREAT day to get off of the drugs! And all of us JRA parents know that at any time the body could get confused & the need will be to get back on the drugs. Addison's parents know that & are ok with getting back on the wagon if need be.

Its usually the initial getting on the drugs that's the hardest part. Accepting that we need to give our (then) 2 year old's a shot every week of a chemo drug that acts as a immune suppressor, is a tough decision to swallow.

But now that Addison's mom & dad have seen the amazing work that methotrexate did, they don't hesitate to say, "if she needs to go back on it, we will hop on it immediately."

TODAY YOU CELEBRATE! And tomorrow you celebrate and then you stop thinking about it, you just carpe diem! And when Addison is running in gymnastics, you smile knowing what used to be! And when Addison gets on her tippy toes in ballet, your heart warms because you know once upon a time that wasnt always possible.

We celebrate the drugs & their abilities! And we also celebrate the day our children are off the drugs.

Today we celebrate Addison! (Last Halloween Addison & Charlotte WALKED all over the neighborhood together gathering candy as a bumble bee & Santa's helper!)

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Laura said...

Celebrate good times!!! Thanks for the sweet message!! We have our appt. w/ the new Rheumatologist tomorrow. I will call you on the way home!