Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FRESH the Movie!

Last night I saw FRESH; a documentary that highlights: "New thinking about the way we are eating."I took Emma (9) & Ellie (7) who gasped, laughed, clapped & asked questions (in whispers). At the end we met the director who wanted to know what the girls thought & I shared with her:

"This is Ellie, who is 7. When you showed the conventional chicken farmer dumping out the baby chicks into their feed lots & showing how they lived as they grew up, she asked, "If they know that's not ok for the chicken, why do they still do it?"
Ana Joanes, the producer & director is Swiss, but studied here in America & became a filmmaker after getting her law degree from Columbia Law School (smart cookie).

Ana said, "Wow! What a thoughtful question! That's the point of it right? And if a 7 year old asks that, why aren't we all?!" And she thanked each of the girls for coming to see her movie. She was very kind, very sweet.

This movie was done in a way that showed conventional agriculture (spraying crops, showing industrial chicken farms) just to give you a taste but not ram it down your throat in a negative way, but to show the DIFFERENCE, focusing the majority of the film highlighting natural, sustainable farms like the pig farmer (Russ Kremer in MO) & Polyface farms (Joel Salatin in VA). Also highlighting a grocery store that sells mostly all local farms (an indoor farmers market really!) as well as urban farming by an ex-professional basketball player!

The girls GOT IT! And its giving us a real catapult for discussion. Watching Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" has helped spark the conversation too. On the car ride home I said, "Just want you girls to know that a deep amount of thought & time has gone into every meal you get. I know where our meat comes from, I am meeting the farmers at Saturday market who grew those carrots!" And they are getting it. They thanked me for taking them tonight!

The movie is now headed to SEATTLE for a few days but you can also have a screening at your home (see their website). I sent this on to our teachers & principal (who will be putting on our first school lunch: Farm to Table) because included on the website are:

Lesson Plans & Teacher Classroom Resources

Keep the discussions going, share what you know & what you buy (I just invested in a CSA & ordered my baby chicks from a local chicken farmer who will raise them for me!) & see the movie!! :)

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Sofia Reino said...

Very nice posting. I too saw the movie along with my 12 year old daughter amongst other youtube videos she found with her friends. If you do a search "Meet your Meat" you will find enough videos that will really sadden you. Anyways. It was enough to make her try to become vegetarian (still eating fish and eggs though). I make sure to know where my fish comes from and the egg we eat are from a local farmer. We too buy CSA and grow quite a few veggies.