Wednesday, April 14, 2010


When we first moved to our town, I was at the pool, watching my girls swim when a mom, doing the same came up to me & pointed at my sweatshirt and inquired, "An Alpha Chi Omega Alumna? Where?"
That's how I met my friend Krista, who was also a fellow sorority sister, different school, different state. Krista has inspired me in many ways through her passion of organizing! She's featured regularly on a local morning tv show & shows us how to tackle projects. One of my faves revolved around Thanksgiving (her favorite holiday). She's full of great thoughts found here = love her business name: Organize in Style / the whole shebang!

Krista was diagnosed with breast cancer in March '10.
Technically: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma HERS2 positive
She is going through chemo & has chronicled the event here....
I am sharing this with you because she did an amazing job bringing us along for her chemo day. I wanted you to read it to see what its like.

Krista's chemo experience is a little different than Charlotte's (here). And, no Charlotte doesnt have cancer, she has arthritis, however the medication she takes & like many children with arthritis take to keep the inflammation away, Remicade, is a chemo drug & she is given it in the "Childrens Day Treatment Center" at the children's hospital.

Difference 1:
Children getting chemo get their own room for their entourage, and each room includes a tv & dvd player (yes it is nice, we bring a lot of stuff & the age range is very wide to little babies to teenagers - with the majority of patients having cancer).

Difference 2: Also, children with arthritis generally do not have a port, because their chemo is spaced out longer & intervals continue to lengthen over time.

Similar 1:
Charlotte has to go through the same routine that Krista does, take the vitals, then they order the meds, you wait & go through all the details to make sure its the right amount, the other meds are still the same, etc.

Similar 2:
Krista takes benedryl too! wow! I wouldn't have thought that, I knew it was for allergic reactions, but I kinda thought it was for kids too. Nope! Now we did give that up, it make Charlotte cuckoo! And once they figured she wasn't having an allergic reaction, we dropped it to keep her mentally in check.

Interesting similarities & differences for chemo for kids & adults. I love that Krista is taking us on her journey - thought you would appreciate it too! I am learning so much from her & can empathize her chemo days. You can get updates from Krista's blog by signing up here.

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