Monday, March 29, 2010

Keeping a 3 ring binder

You might call it prep work, I call it packing procrastination.

We head to Boston, soon, to see Dr. Stephen Foster @ MERSI for an anniversary appointment of sorts (its been two years) & work on a weaning strategy from her meds.
I am working on Charlotte's 1 page spread of medical history. I want to hand it over to the fellows who will ask me all sorts of detailed questions. I hope to to make their work easier but also get me off the hook for rattling off such a roll call.

I can't possibly remember all of the appointments, diagnosis, and drugs that Charlotte's been on in the past 2 years at the top of my head. Even if I am boosting the amount of ginkgo tea I drink, its just too many details.... (PS you can grow your own ginkgo tree... this book is amazing!)
One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to start a 3 ring binder for Charlotte. And so I wanted to share that piece of advice for the blog. I have it tabbed 4 ways:
1. labwork
2. correspondence w/ Dr's
3. Timeline & Meds
4. Information
What a great resource its been for me to help me recall bits of information or past conversations. When this disease hit, its was like drinking from the firehose. Only by the beauty of time, can I digest & appreciate more the info that was shared & gathered.

And now... I am off to write my list of questions for Dr. Foster.... and then pack.


Cindy Price said...

Safe travels and text me the results!!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

This is a genius idea, even for children without such an extensive medical history. It gets harder to recount - keeping track of myself and the kids - who had what when and why, etc.

I hope you have a lovely trip to Boston and you receive great news.

Natalie said...

Yes...great idea! Our rheumatology clinic gave us one when when Claire was diagnosed. Actually that's the first time I realised the diagnosis was arthritis...when the nurse asked the dr if she should give us a new family binder, and the dr said yes. We have tabs for appointment summaries, contact cards, prescription receipts, etc. It's truly a lifesaver!

I'll be hoping for good news from Charlotte's eye appointment :-)