Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trying something new

I took Charlotte to an Accupuncturist a few weeks ago after having several email conversations & phone conversation about Charlotte's Rheumatoid Arthritis & Uveitis.

I explained to Andrea that Charlotte has had this disease for 2 years & has been highly medicated during that time, which has worked to halt the flares, so now we are in the transition of extending the intervals of Remicade, seeing the end of Remicade at some point (maybe the next year), staying on Methotrexate to make sure its holding it all by itself & then transitioning off of it). At the beginning of this disease, I was needing to go down ONE road (western medicine) to curb & halt the continual bombarding the arthritis was doing to Charlotte. Now that we are in that transition of getting off of these meds, I want to help Charlotte's body retrain itself to handle the future messages that cause the flares (in her eyes & joints). I believe a mixture of western & eastern medicine can help with the future. Andrea was SOOOOO respectful of our thought process & agreed that Chinese medicine is not for halting the aggressive attacks arthritis was doing to Charlotte's body. She agreed we have gone down the right road for Charlotte. Now... we are ready to think outside the box....

Currently I am giving Charlotte a massage each night in areas on her body that Andrea taught me to do (i have a chart on a clipboard & Charlotte loves it, she asks for it each night).
Per Andrea:

From a Chinese medicine perspective everyone has some combination of Excess (things we don't want around in the body) and deficiency (systems that should work better and for whatever the reason do not). I feel the Pediatric massage is so great at supporting and tonifying deficiency and acupuncture is really great at clearing the excess. The herbal formulas are able to do both and are generally designed that way- to take away what we don't want or need and support our energy for optimal functioning.

For JRA treated with methotrexate and remicade, Charlotte will best benefit from the massage and herbs combined, possibly the acupuncture. While she is still doing the drugs it isn't sensible to have her taking herbs to "benefit" her immune system. But when she gets off the drugs we will need to be ready to introduce the herbs right away. The massage will help her qi to build and improve her transformation and transportation process so that she can clear the excess that is called "Damp Heat" in Chinese medicine (and Rheumatoid arthritis in allopathic medicine) as well as develop healthy "defensive qi". Keep up with the massage!

The herbs will incorporate a two part strategy- adaptogenic herbs to help the immune system come out of their fog (suppression by drugs) unconfused and ready to calmly participate, and a formula designed to clear excess heat (which she still has) drain a little damp, and support better transformation and transportation. I have a formula in mind so let's meet after you go to Boston and get that input.

I hope this helps, and I am always open to discussion. Let me know how it is going.

All the best,

Andrea P. Fisk, MSOM, Dipl. OM, L. Ac

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Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You and me are speaking a new language these days. :) My cluster headache was Cold Wind, and I love having a plan for the next yucky time it happens. More for the toolbox; more hope in general.

I am feeling better these days, and my work days are coming to an end. I'd love to see you for coffee or a doggy date. Until then, take care sweet friend. Have a great night.