Wednesday, November 18, 2009

0157:H7... again

I've turned into the CHEERS "Cliff Claven" of e.coli facts. Because 0157:H7 has turned our lives upside down. You know the saying, "if you know better, do better?" We know better now. We KNOW what this bacteria could have done to our child & now.... we know better. Its changed our lives. We have been drinking from the firehose of information. Books, documentaries, farmers, nutritionists.....
I wonder if i should grow up to be a healthy food advocate....
We are SOOOOOO lucky that Charlotte skirted it like she did, many dont. And hearing those stories... makes me just CRY at the complaceny we had in our home for what went into our mouths.
A picture is worth a thousand words. So put this movie in your Netflix queu: FOOD, INC.

Where do i find the time? I was asked that.... well how do you NOT make time to educate how to fuel your body & take care of it? If I can go shopping & get my hair done, I am taking care of myself & find time to do that.
Eating & knowing where my food comes from & investing into my community, investing in my local farmer seems like the best spent time I can think of. But honestly.... talking about food, gmo's, corn & soybeans, e.coli & probiotics.... it IS work.... then I have also been meal planning, prepping the organic fruits & veggies, finding more vegetarian meals for us, searching out local meat... I am tired..... and that's why the blog is .... taking a backseat.
But I wanted you to know where I've been. Home with Charlotte who has e.coli 0157:H7. And she's working hard to shed it by drinking probiotics every day!! And she''s helping me to plan next years garden which will be 1/4-1/2 of our backyard :) and will be fueled by organic fertilizer (ie poo) :) e.coli FREE!

So..... ah.... g'night. sleepy sleep.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

What kind of probiotics is she taking?

Linda Cox said...

I think you'll find lots of like-minded twitter users out there! follow, momsrising, foodsafetynews etc. Give her hugs from the boys!