Sunday, October 25, 2009

E.Coli 0157:H7

As I posted earlier, Charlotte acquired e.coli 0157:h7 (the particular strain). And I have learned a lot about this bacteria.... like we all could be walking around with it & not know it?! Charlotte most likely acquired it through food, but its like a needle in a haystack since we dont eat gr. beef & we havent been to a fast food restaurant in a long time.

She got this on October 1st and as we round the corner to the end of the month, Charlotte is doing great. She's actually bouncing off the walls & we have done more art projects than I care to count :) HAHAHA! However, she still has this in her system & therefore, is not allowed back at preschool & if we are in contact with friends, they are fully aware (so they are ok with us being around them). If we go to someone's house, I go with Charlotte to the potty, I wipe her & we both wash our hands together.

I got a call from the Washington State Health Dept on this week & we were on the phone for an hour going over specifics of where I shop, what she ate from September 24th - October 1st. My brain HURT from trying to remember. I do keep dinners logged in my calendar, but lunches... hoping I answered correctly.

And the reason they wanted so many details is that Charlotte's e.coli 0157.H7 matches the genotype that a grouping in our county presented in September. Charlotte fits that outbreak. So now they are trying to find the commonality in order to find the needle in the haystack.

We went in for a poop test on Wednesday & Thursday & by Friday the Dr. called & said, "its positive... again." I was soooooo frustrated!!! Our Dr. is going to consult with the other Ped's in his group to ask, "at this stage, can we give her an antibiotic?"

An antibiotic at the beginning would have done more damage than good. As I understand it, an anti-biotic can actually help promote the bad bacteria growth & have it grow rapidly, thus causing more damage.

The Dr. said that people can live with this in their bodies for a long time. Acutally people can be walking around with it & not even know it. And he's not sure about the antibiotic, asking, "because is she sick?" and the answer is no, she's boucing off the walls. That's where he's conflicted.

Where do we go from here? Not sure, will talk to the Dr. again this week after he consults with his collegues. And will continue to do art projects at home. Charlotte is a natural homebody & plays FANTASTICALLY by herself so yay for that. But she does miss her friends at school.

Silver linings in this are: our food in our house has been an evolution & this just bumped it up a notch. "Clean eating" & "eating simply" is taking more affect. Searching out & finding the organic farmers in my area & driving to them to find the fresh eggs & the organic apples has been FUN & yummy! Our meat consumption has lowered and looking at "Foster Farms ground turkey" makes me nauseuas only because I have no idea what "ground turkey" is. I now buy from Whole Foods who ground it just that day & can tell me that its "ground turkey breast." YUM & whew. A relief to know where the turkey came from (they advertise the actual farm) & what part of the animal it is.

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Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Good grief! I can't believe how long this has lingered.

Crossing my fingers that it all comes to a screeching end, and soon.