Monday, October 12, 2009

2 weeks on, 2 weeks off

For Charlotte who's been battling arthritis in her eyes since November of 2007, the meds she's on sometimes get a big ole pointer finger BY ME!

She's on some good meds to keep the arthritis away. However.... being on an immune suppressant like Methotrexate PLUS a TNF inhibitor (protein killer) like Remicade, puts a BIG OLE TARGET on Charlotte's back for "all things bad" (my professional verbiage for bacteria & viruses).

Only 2 weeks of Fall routines: going to preschool & attending ballet & BAM....

E.Coli 0157:H7. No idea how she contracted it, tried tracing it like a needle in a haystack but you know how that goes....

Started out with bloody diarrhea. Then the cramping & going potty every 30-45 minutes for 48 hours (no sleep on a Friday / Saturday night - but thankful it was a weekend!). And 72 hours later we find out the diagnosis.

"Cautious observations" is what the pediatrician wanted us doing with continued daily check ins from her pediatric rheumatologist. We were schooled on what COULD happen, the kidney failure that's associated with this particular strain of e.coli, and so we were on high alert watching, observing, judging, analyzing.

And when timing came for the possibility of HUS (kidney failure associated with 0157:H7), we took that turn & HUGGED THE CURVES & came out full force forward!!! Breathing a deep sigh of relief, and a great amount of appreciation.

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!! 1 week + 3 days later, we are now getting the poo analyzed by the labs (county public health says 2 negative samples in 24 hours is required to head back to preschool) & hope that we are getting back to school by next week's pumpkin patch field trip.

Nothing to see here folks, keep moving on..... lets get BACK on track!

ROWR! She's ready to keep FIGHTING & Carpe Diem!

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