Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's that?

Since my camera was “bitten” by the puppy (I am sure it was an accident – since I left the point & shoot camera in the same bag as highly smelling peppermint lip-balm), I have been documenting ZERO finds & ZERO activities thus far this summer.

But we aren’t resting at home & during our summer outings between the ocean, the high dessert & the local pool, I have been learning “things” …. So let me give you a list of my latest readings, findings & favorites & document for myself so I wont forget!!

Eating: Panzanella (from Ina Garten - Barefoot Contessa: PARTIES!) Doesn’t keep – but you usually never have leftovers. Its my favorite summer salad!! My Father-in-Law’s favorite too (yay!!) !

Must Buy: Lip Stain from Mac (raspberry color) Magazines keep talking about this latest “just bitten look” & sounds like this one is the one to get! MAC See thru lip color in Secret Crush. http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/spp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CAT166&PRODUCT_ID=1253

Gotta Subscribe: Body & Soul Magazine from Martha Stewart, chalk full of great stuff! https://secure.zt03.net/custapps/B+S/BS2/index.php

Quote: A good life comes from making choices that honor what my heart values most!

Look for: www.herbsaway.com / Crème de chocolat: Calorie Free, Caffeine free & sugar free (add to coffee or milk!)

Must make: Natural Mosquito repellant: 20 drops of thyme oil / 1 cup grape seed oil / 1.5 cups purified water

Chant: May I be healthy / May I be @ Peace / May I be Content

Check out: www.sukipure.com for skincare that’s natural & effective!

Suggestions: on covering up @ www.skincancer.org/clothing

Organize: The closet & if there are any old leather jackets you are not going to wear anymore, check out www.refindoriginals.com / she makes one of a kind purses & totes out of your old leather items.

Learning: To not shrug off compliments; honor & remember them!

Now... I am off to find a heart rate monitor watch so I can keep in that fat-burning zone. Why work harder than I have to during the summer!?!?

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