Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Good Lemon

Sometimes I will buy the big bag of lemons at Costco, just to put in a bowl & display. Its fresh & lasts longer than flowers! But then the guilt of food "just sitting there" gets to me. So I tested out this smoothie recipe on the girls yesterday, and it was a HIT! Thanks Family Fun Magazine!

Banana Lemonade Cooler

1 Banana
3 T. Honey
1/4 cup fresh Lemon Juice
6 ice cubes

Acutally my 8 year old made it, it was so simple, so fresh & very delish! She's not a fresh fruit gal (GASP!) so smoothies are our vice! Do you have a good smoothie recipe to share?

Tomorrow is Remicade Chemo Day for Charlotte (who loved this smoothie by the way! - also try making it into popsicles, dont add the ice, put into molds instead). Its going to be a hot day here, so after Remicade, if she is still awake & has enough energy, we are going swimming with her sisters (whom she begged to come with her to the hospital, but the offer to play dolls with friends surpassed the guilty rejection) in the evening! As Charlotte is getting older, she is understanding that we HAVE to go to the hospital. She's not freaking out so much. She also is clueing in (finally) that's she's being bought for calming her nerves. A new Polly Pocket doesnt break the bank & gives her something to play with while we are there! Yay! Its good all the way around, and this too shall pass!

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Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm so glad the remicade treatments are running smoother these days.

And it's always a delight to see you at the pool.

Have a great day.