Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Warm it up with love

When Charlotte's arthritis was starting out (just about a year & 1/2 ago), she was in pain & wouldnt walk till her joints warmed up. We kissed away October since our mornings were spent snuggling on the couch or in a hot bath (before the meds kicked in, before she was injected in her joints to make them limber again). I wish BUCKY would have had this cute little "thang" when we were going through that phase.

I bet Miss Particular would have loved the feel and the warmth of Bucky's kid-friendly toy:

Warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer as the owie demands. Comfortable embroidered covers of super-soft, sustainable bamboo terrycloth. Premium whole buckwheat seed filling. Machine washable cover. Size: 6" x 6"

This is a GREAT toy/helper if you have a child who has leg pains in the middle of the night, had a long day of soccer & is sore at the end of the evening - any of those scenarios that you can imagine where they say "Mom, my leg hurts" or "Mom, my ankle hurts." Great idea Bucky!

AND PS - they are 20% off right now - making each little warmup/cooldown toy under $10!!

I love Bucky products - They are a Seattle company. Ever since I listened to Martha Stewart on her radio show talk the disgust of pillows & what grows & lurks in their moist, unwashed spaces, I have slept with their Duo Bed Pillow of buckwheat & millet. I went with the duo because air is able to ciruclate in the buckwheat & millet, keeping it germ free AND I can wash it! Its the most comfortable thing ever & when space allows in my suitcase, it travels with me too! Check them out!


Loudest Mom said...

Erika....I now have visions of germs crawling all over my pillow- ewwww!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Um, somehow I doubt you need my assistance anymore. Can I still have coffee? Pretty please. :)

Looks fabbbbb....