Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time flies when you have a consistent low-grade temp!

Emma, the oldest, has been holding on to 101/100 point something for the last 7 days. Its a nasty virus thats going around.... and its consistently, staying!

She had gotten the chicken pox booster last week & at first we thought her fever was due to a reaction to the booster, which had us a little freaked out becaues there is a slight chance for children to GET the pox (a slighter littler version of it) when they get the booster. Emma had a 1.5 inch in diameter, red swelling on her arm where the injection had been so we watched it & called the peds.

Since we have a child in the house with a suppressed immune system (Charlotte: with JRA, she is on 1 immune suppressant drug & one TNF inhibitaor drug), we asked the ped at what point should we freak out & bring out the bubble for her to live in.

The Ped said that we watch Emma, if she were to break out in Pox, he would consult w/ the Rheumy. It didnt get to that point, Emma just has a virus. But living with Charlotte makes us very sensitive to the fact that any illnesses going around the community can be more detrimental to a child in Charlotte's condition than a well-child.

Here's what we learned about our "well-children" getting the chicken pox booster, and the possibility of infecting a non-well child from our Rheumy:

" quote from the Red Book regarding transmission: "Experience from 1995 until March 2005 with more than 56 million doses of varicella vaccine distributed in the United States indicates that vaccine-associated virus transmission to contacts is rare (only 5 well-documented cases) and the risk of transmission exists only if a rash develops on the immunized person." I'd add to the statement that transmission would probably be even less likely from the booster (2nd dose) than with the first installment."

Now... Charlotte got her chicken pox vaccine at age 1, before she was diagnosed with arthritis. Will i do the booster? probably not, but that's for a few years, so i have some time to continue research before we need to make that decision. Will i continue to keep my well-children well? Yes. I would rather Ellie (the next in line at age 6) get the booster and NOT get pox, than risk it. Again, she has a few years for that as well. And by that time, hopefully Charlotte's immune system is on its way to regular/calm? I have no idea, that's a hope, but will not have anything to do with keeping Emma & Ellie healthy....

Tomorrow is Remicade day & with Emma still down w/ her virus, it looks like we will ro-sham-bow for the privilege of going with Charlotte to Children's Day Treatment center for her monthly chemo :)

When I called on Monday to find out our time that we can get in (I always call that week to see if we can get in earlier than our 1230 scheduled), they gave me some great news about the Tottie's Pretties STRETCHY bands that we donated last month in a promotion with our fans!

"Erika! You should see these cute little girls going through chemo & have no hair, wearing these beautiful stretchy headbands with these bright, beautiful flowers! They LOVE THEM! I only have about 3 left to give out!"

I got the glue gun go& will give them a dozen more to hand out to these brave little girls who are going through their chemo treatments!!

We also have 2 nurses about to have their 1st babies & its been fun buying for that "1st"! I love these new "diaper bags"!!! I was on ETSY finding DIAPEE WIPEES - a cute little pouch that holds your wipes & a few diapers, and can turn ANY bag into a diaper bag! These bags are so styling, I bought two - I want an excuse to keep one :) Maybe its a "doggy diaper bag" for the park?! :) HA HA HA!!!

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Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Nothing better than picturing those brave bald girls wearing your headbands.


I hope the remicade day goes swimmingly. Let's so lunch or something soon. What are your Sunday afternoons like? Or Monday nights?