Friday, March 27, 2009

She will need a little help...

Talk about proof that a JRA child cant heal their body normally like a well child can, I give you exhibit A. A simple hang nail growing wrong & getting infected.

After a week of Dr. Mom, cleaning it out 2x a day w/ hydrogen peroxide, it wasn't getting better on its own.

When Ryan saw it & gasped, it was the 2nd opinion that got her into the peds office getting an anti-biotic to help with the healing of this. Also, he got a lesson in how to "trim toenails." Something I am sure he knows all about but that's my job w/ the girls & OOPSIE DAISY... ok fine, I will go straight across from now on.

Another piece of evidence that shows a little "sumthin" has to be helped by a little "sumthin" to heal when her body cant heal it by itself. Charlotte's body is too busy fighting bigger wars than to worry about a little hangnail...

And life is busy with "tinkering!" She said, "This is something Tinkerbell would build!"

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Lesli said...

Thanks for the sweet post, I appreciate that so much!! You gave me a ton of ideas that I would NEVER have thought of. I also have a son who is in Highschool, so this may be a great option to look into. It Is so funny that you just posted about Charlote's toe and how long it takes for "normal" cuts..etc to heal. Ayla got a blister on the back of her foot from a pair of her shoes at least three months ago and it is STILL not healed. (She complains about alot of her shoes hurting her feet, does Charlote ever do that?) I was just thinking about her blister last night and wondering when it was going to go away! Hope Charlote's toe is better soon!!