Monday, March 23, 2009

"Living with Juvenile Arthritis"

I was interviewed with REGENCE Podcasts about our family living with JRA in Charlotte. This is a podcast that they send out to their insurance members & then post on iTunes varying on the topics.

Its 12 minutes long & its a great tutorial of JRA from a young child, high schooler, then our Doctor. I sent it to our teachers (future teachers) & want to share because its a GREAT piece of education to understand the disease and how kids deal with it at school & in life.

Thank you for listening! I would love to hear what you thought when you heard it!!

Ryan playing bingo with Charlotte & Ellie & our friends: Katrina & Kendra

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Lesli said...

What a great podcast!! You did a wonderful job and it is so informative. I plan to download this to my Library. You are a awesome advocate for this disease, you work so hard for this cause, and it shows! Keep up the great work!!